Monday, February 29, 2016

I knew it was coming.....

....early Saturday morning.
By Sunday morning I knew for sure I was domed...
...I've been a mother for 18 1/2 years...and never have I been thrown up on like this weekend.

In my hair.In my nose.On my lips.Down my shirt.On my shirt.
My bedding was washed 3 times and hung on the line 3 times this weekend.

The weather was perfect for opening windows and hanging out clothes.
Crazy for this time of year.

...but the snow is coming. Tonight. 4-6 inches.

So far Sam, Frankie, Allison and I have had the stomach bug.
Today we're laying around doing nothing. I feel bad for the ones in the house who haven't had it yet.

I brought home sour dough starter from Jeff's aunt last weekend...It makes the best bread!
I'm planning on this bread being a staple in our house from here on out.

Have you guys seen this movie?
If it! Tonight. It's one of my most favorites in all the world.
It's on Netflix.

And guess what? Jeff even {sort of} likes it.
His exact words....."It's actually pretty funny for a chick flick".

Also..know that you will want to take a trip to Ireland. The scenery is gorgeous!
...and I really want her shoes. The $600.00 ones.

HaPpY Leap Day!


  1. Hope you all feel better soon! xo-Chris

  2. We watched that last night! Even Rich and E were laughing. Sarah guessed she would marry the Irish guy way ahead of time, smart girl. I can't believe all the temping around Amy Adams did in those shoes (I love them too!). I hope you all feel better soon. I had the stomach bug last week along with Sarah, David, and Ethan. No one else got it!! (So far?).