Thursday, March 24, 2016

The spring ads are a pack of lies.

All the flyers that find their way to our mailbox.....the Target ads, the Kohl's catalogs...
....they are meant for those who live in California or Florida. Not northern Illinois.
The pretty sundresses, the sandals, the bubbles, the kites....June.
That's when we'll use those things. June.

This year I was smart and bought my kids winter clothes from clearance racks to wear
for Easter Sunday. So glad I did...the forecast boasts a balmy 47 degrees.

And today! while the SoCal people walked on beaches and BBQ'd in their backyards...
...we fired up our wood stove and watched a snowstorm out our window. much as I sound like I'm complaining...the snow is very beautiful.
My heart beats a little faster whenever I see those big, fat flakes start to fall.

Unless I'm out driving...then I just cry and white knuckle the steering wheel
and pray the whole way home!!!

Jeff brought home pretty flowers for me...he said he went with a festive look.

This was right before he stuck his hand in it and right after each of my girls asked for a sip.
I title this photo... "Nothing is sacred in the life of a mother. Nothing. Not even your water."

 His tiny little rain boots...Love.

Tonight she made the mashed potatoes to go along with the roast AND did the dishes after dinner.
I'm so glad she has the "love of the kitchen" DNA running through her blood.
It's great for days that I'm feeling lazy I have a lot to do...
....OR have a taste for chocolate chip banana muffins like yesterday.

Hope you are having a lovely week.
{especially if you live in a warm climate...
like my sister in El Paso wearing her little summer shirts....Brat.}


  1. Lovely pics! :) I am having a lovely week. I'll enjoy the lovely 80 degree weather over here for you ;)

  2. we have an ice storm here. it's very pretty and glittery but I think they need to move easter till late April for us north folks. ;)) have a lovely weekend friend- and wear the shoes anyway. xox

  3. Ha ha ha girl :-) I feel you. We just got a few flurries on top of a soggy lawn, just enough cold and dreary for us to have our PreK class egg hunt inside. It was a bit sad but we made the most of it. The weekend before was a tease, with beautiful temps. I think after that it is hard for it not to be a bit of let down when you had the windows open and blue skies. Spring in our area is a test of patience indeed.

  4. Details on those shoes please. SOOOO cute.