Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday's woes, confessions and joys....

A gallon of bright red juice being pushed down the basement stairs by a little feller.
Splashing and spilling on each step before finally landing on the lovely grey carpet
leaving a gigantic red puddle.

I have two new murals on the wall...one in my dining room and another in my bedroom.
{hence the marker streak going down baby's nose in above photo}

Baby nap lasted 20 minutes....Need I say more? {^^^...see above photo}

While hanging clothes out on the line,
I noticed a small pond had formed where our septic tank is located...
.....this is not good news. Not good news at all. Ugh. I don't even want to talk about it.
The situation stinks...Literally!

I have been wearing the exact same shirt for the past three days...and nights. Seriously..I've slept in it.
I get aggravated at my kids when they do this. Ha.
{...in my defense....I've taken a shower everyday}

I went all day without one cup of sugar-y coffee...
.....instead I had two. {wink}

My son killed a bird with a slingshot..."on accident".
I was a little skeptical, but he had trustworthy witnesses.

I have Jesus. God loves me no matter what. God forgives.

"Stress Away" Essential Oil {in my top photo}
This stuff is the best! The BEST!
{I can order a bottle for you....but not right now because it's out of stock..wink}

My sister in love brought two dozen eggs from her chickens.

Those little hand prints on the window that was just cleaned...Love.

Boys who shop vac red juice spills on grey carpet while I teach piano

I have the best job in the world.

Clothes are drying on the line...outside!
I am {almost} caught up on laundry.

Early bedtimes tonight.

Love texts from my husband while he works.

My piano.

......and that's it for today's woes, confessions and joys.
Hope you're having a good day.


  1. Thankful for the joys...especially that first one! I have been writing down some of that identity in Christ...it keeps you grounded in his arms.
    I got my first stress away bottle, month before last, and said, "OH MY, I just want to bathe in this stuff" not even feeling stressed...it is just a kind of "ahhh!" and smells yummy. Though I must say I have a thang for several now :)Glad you are there too.
    My son is flying out here from MI to take a big Med exam in June, instead of driving to Chicago. What can I say, my mama's heart is blessed, though we will just have a day with him, he is traveling all this way!
    Hope the Septic situation is easier rather than messier. Thankful for those cleaners you've got there. Hug to you and that cute little mess maker.

  2. I LOVE LOVE stress away! I love soaking in the bathtub with it added to my water.