Wednesday, March 30, 2016

There is something so American....

...about an open field and young boys playing baseball on it.
I was ready to hold up an American flag and start singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

Watching them play catch this afternoon has me very anxious for summer.
Ice cream cones, early morning plant watering, fresh picked tomatoes...etc.

This year Frankie is big enough to play at the park.
He thought it was the greatest. He cried when it was time to walk home.

Now we have thunderstorms rolling in and temperatures are going to get chilly again.
I'm actually looking forward to Jeff home and fire in our wood stove this weekend....
...even though I just said I'm very anxious for summer 2 seconds ago! Ha.
I will miss the cold when it's gone and look forward to it come September.
I will also love the summer when it arrives. I like all four seasons.

After yesterday's peck on the finger....he was a little weary of getting too close.
He sat himself a couple feet away and chatted with them for a bit..I think it was about the weather.

Happy middle of the week.

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