Friday, April 1, 2016

Fashion Tip Friday ~ Taking and giving compliments?

One thing that irritates Jeff to no end....
...When he gives me a compliment and I rebuttal it.

"You look pretty in that dress."...Oh my goodness, it makes me look fat.
"Your hair looks nice."....Are you crazy? It's so frizzy.
Insert "other sweet things a husband says to his wife in private" ....I rebuttal those things too.

Jeff said when he gives me a compliment, he's telling the truth about how he feels.
He said it's rude to constantly combat it. He told me a simple thank you or smile would be nice...
...not a thousand reasons explaining back to him what he's telling me is wrong.

A few weeks ago I was getting my hair done.
While sitting in the salon, another lady getting her hair colored gave me a compliment.
She was a classy, older woman with the most beautiful skin! She started denying how lovely she was.
Our stylists were talking with us too..we were complimenting and complaining.

When Angie {the lovely girl in the above photo who did my hair} asked...
Why is it so hard for a woman to take a compliment?

She's right! Women {usually} don't take compliments well.
If we say thank you, we feel conceited.
If we deny the compliment, we sound like we're fishing for more compliments.
We women really do struggle with saying a simple.. "Thanks" without blushing or fighting back.

Does it come from our mothers? the women from generations before?
( own mom is horrible at taking are some of her daughters..not me of course ;)
Do we do it to ourselves? Is it a cultural thing?

If you think about it, a compliment is really a gift.
A compliment is a gift!...a gift of words.

So here's my tip of the day....
If someone says something nice to you....simply say.... Thank you.
If you blush a's okay. Let them give to you the gift of words they are trying to give.
If it were a physical package, you wouldn't hand it back and say no, you'd take it with gratitude!
Do the same with a compliment.

Also, if someone is deserving of a compliment, give it...
even if you have to go out of your way. It will make someone feel good to hear something nice.

Have a wonderful weekend...this said to all the beautiful people reading this post. ;)


  1. You are sweet. And I appreciate you reminding us of the gift of words. My husband also doesn't like when I disagree with his compliments... Can't say I blame him after your kind reminder. :) have a lovely weekend.

  2. You explained this so well! Compliments really are a gift, yet we do have a hard time receiving them. I take compliments the best from my husband,he had to train me too. I also know he really likes me ;)

  3. This is interesting. I have always wondered about this as well. It may sound ridiculous but a while ago my friends and I came up with a common polite thing to say when someone gives you a compliment that is both humble but appreciative: "Thank you so much! You just made my day." It's actually interesting because people respond very well to it. The thank you is always great but the part about making your day gives them a sense of accomplishment and makes the situation less awkward while keeping you humble. That's what I always do and it always goes smoothly because you're right... if someone is handing you something precious take it respect and admiration :) Thanks for sharing Liz. As always, beautiful post.

    1. I love that response Sophia!!! Perfect!