Monday, April 4, 2016

We made homemade pasta noodles with gravy..not sauce.

Sunday afternoon we made homemade pasta.
I use the term "we" lightly..since it was mostly Jeff doing the work.

Frankie thought it was the greatest...he likes to be involved in..well, everything.
Even when he's not this blog post for example..
...he is currently climbing me while I type...Not invited!
...but he's giving me kisses and laughing, and it's so cute! So...yeah.

I stood tip toed on a chair documenting...
which is also a very important contribution to the meal. {in my book...which is THE book to follow!}

I also made the sausage and gravy....and caught the noodles
as you will see in a couple of scrolls down. Again...very important.

See!!!^^^^  Noodles being caught.

"Al Dente Perfecto!"

Jeff  is Italian by marriage. He loves to be in the kitchen. Loves Italian food.
He has converted and puts "gravy" on his spaghetti, not sauce.
Because..."It ain't sauce, it's gravy!" Got it? Good.

He also now says sausage the same way my dad and grandpa do...sorry...I can't type it... wouldn't get it.  Come for dinner one day and you can see what I'm talking about.

Happy new week to you.


  1. As much as I would love to be Italian I cannot call it gravy!! That's what you put on mashed potatoes. ;)
    Great post...and yes I did notice the fiestaware plate, too!

  2. That looks SOOOOOOOOOO good. I just want at least two whole platefuls!