Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The grown up section.

Not sure why it took me so long to discover the wonderfulness that is
 the grown up section of the library....

Perhaps the reason is I had a bunch of little ones in tow....
...and by the time we were done perusing the children's section...years would pass
and then it was usually lunch and nap time.  For both kids and mom. Ha!

Taking my kids to the library has always been one of my favorite things to do.
I told them when they grow up and have children of their own...I'm still in charge of library day!

Children's books are the best. and I'm so excited to be back in the itty bitty book section with Frankie!

Anyway...back to the grown up section.

I finally {2 years ago} went upstairs where the adults browse and read and relax.
Oh.My.Goodness. I was missing out!

It's like Barnes and Noble, but you can take home stacks of books without spending a penny.
{Minus the cost of the library card and then the late fees that usually accumulate when I don't bring books back on time....which is pretty much always.}

Besides that..the books are Free! and when you're tired of them, back to the library they go.
No clutter on your shelves..and if you aren't ready to give it up....well, just check it out again.
and again. and many times as you want.

I have been on this cookbook kick for the past few months.

This book is SO much fun if you have a baby or toddler or even little kids in your life.

The pictures and the simplicity in this book had me hooked.
{I totally messed up the poptarts though...}

Tonight I made chicken and dumplings ...thanks Martha.
{it was a big hit and so easy to make}

And we'll be making cheese from this book sometime in the next two weeks.

{thanks Alli for picking up dish duty tonight...even if it wasn't your turn}

Jeff and I have even gone on dates to the library.
Sounds nerdy...but it's so much fun. We look through books and movies and get coffee afterwards. to read a book on how to revive my fern after a long winter's rest in my attic.
The lady at a market told me it could be done...we shall see.

If you have any fern tips I would LOVE to hear them!
Ferns are one of my favorites and I'm not good at keeping them alive in my house.

Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Love this. I have been known to wander the children's section now. I feel like a little kid stalker, but when the grandkids visit it is fun to surprise them with library books. Either on loan or from the library book store. ;) Great idea for a date. Now I am interested in some of these cookbooks!