Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What couples do when they're alone...

...that's not what I'm talking about. Sheesh...mind.gutter.
I suppose I could have titled this... Common Ground With Your Spouse instead,

Jeff and I had a weekend alone... just the two of us.
It was our anniversary last week...we've been married for 19 GlOoooOOOOORious years.

I picked Jeff up from work, we stopped and bought a sandwich and a taco salad from Mariano's,
brought it back to our hotel room and fell asleep around 9 pm on Friday night.
We didn't even make it through the movie we put on. Ha!

Saturday we ate donuts and went to the Art Institute, something we used to do more often,
but haven't done in a while. I love that place!

We stopped in at Eataly for focaccia...and since we've been on this scratch pasta making kick,
we talked to their pasta chefs to confirm what great pasta makers we were...
...they confirmed we knew nothing about making pasta.

So we've decided to move to Italy for a year!
and study cooking.

I wish...

The nice pasta guy {Thanks Keith!} was a wealth of knowledge.
He sold us some of his fancy flour and we {mostly Jeff} spent the next
29 hours studying flours and pasta making tips and techniques and flavors and...and..and...

Sunday while it rained and rained outside, we put music on and made pasta together!

Right there....two of our most favorite things.
Music. Cooking. Best when paired together.

We have spent many an anniversary or date night making dinner together.
It's something we love to do.

Every individual person has things they like. Jeff and I don't enjoy all of the same activities.

I love to drive around and find small towns to buy antiques like my parents....
...Jeff would rather have his leg amputated.
Jeff loves to watch ultra boring conferences about innovative technology...Ugh.
Can we say....Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Every couple has their common ground. 
Things they both love. Things they both enjoy doing together.

The challenge is...
Have fun together. Find your common ground.

Don't get discouraged about all the things you don't like doing together,
focus on the things that you do like doing together.
Even if it's something as simple as taking a's what makes you as a couple "You"!

Scrolling through social media or watching romantic movies can sometimes cause
"Couple Envy"....don't have couple envy.

You as a couple are awesome for different reasons than that silly old couple on the beach in Tahiti.
I mean really....who even likes Tahiti anyway? You're risking sunburn.

Settling into being in love and being content for what you have and who you are
and who you are with....that's the best. That's what makes a great relationship.

There is no man I would rather be married to than mine.
I am so thankful God brought Jeff into my life when we were young...
I've spent more of my life with him than without. I'm glad for that.



  1. and here I thought this was the "sex ninja" post!!!! ;)) love your love!! happy anniversary again and great words of wisdom here. I hear couples who spend a lot of time in Tahiti end up divorced anyway!!! 😜😉😊

  2. true! Glad you added the stuff at the end because I was getting super jealous about couples that make pasta together. JK. LOL Happy 19 years!