Monday, April 18, 2016

Around here lately....

The weekend was gorgeous. Low 80's and sunny.
Quite the change from last weekend's 35 degree Saturday!

We planted our seeds last week. This weekend we were able to leave them outside.

I'm thinking we are going to have to get a scarecrow for our garden this summer.
Not for crows, but for a Frankie who is very interested in dirt and digging.

Sawyer and Frankie...cousins and buddies.
Walks in the wagon...we do it almost everyday.

So nice to have daughters that like to whip out a batch or two of cookies.

It's spring..and I really wanted fresh flowers on my table.
I mean, everyone on Instagram has them, so of course...I NEED them too!

In the summer it's can walk out and find a plethora of fresh ideas for a vase....
...but spring, especially early spring, you have to buy flowers or use sticks.
{quiet all you people in California and Florida...}

Anyway, I was at the grocery, I wanted to get flowers, but felt this inner battle raging...
don't buy. yes buy.don't buy.yes buy. Finally "don't buy" won.
Which was good since I've been trying to be more frugal and Dave Ramsey-ish...
So I, with my awesome-ly strong will power, left all the pretty flowers in the little buckets.

Not a soul on this earth knew I needed wanted flowers.

The next day, my sister in love stopped by and gave me a big bouquet of flowers!
The day after that, Allison brought in a bouquet of daffodils....who knew they were blooming?!
The day after that, my sister brought me two dozen of the prettiest orange colored roses.
The day after that Sophia came in with a small handful of purple flowers that came up in the yard.

I mean, how often do people bring you flowers? Hardly ever, right?

It's so incredible how God blesses us in so many ways...even with something as simple as flowers.
I not only have one jar of flowers on my table...but FOUR!
Four times blessed.

His first cookie from the bakery. A puppy. He was in love.

Homemade sour dough.....still loving it. Best bread ever.

Last weekend when we were in the city, we stocked up on our favorite blends.
Swiss chocolate almond turned into a that's a way to start your day!

Hope your week is off to a great start.
Our Monday is beautiful and sunny and has been spent outside...
tomorrow the rain and the cold will return.

That's okay, I have to get a closet cleaned and it just doesn't happen when the windows are open.

Happy Monday.

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  1. God is so good that way. He is the Father that blesses our hearts. I have had that experience before too. But right now, living in California, I will hush about what I have been enjoying ;)