Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Over the Weekend" on Tuesday.

Monday was beautiful. It wasn't supposed to be,
but the weather man was wrong...in a good way this time!
It's easy to sit in front of a computer screen when outside is freezing cold and below zero...
...not so easy when the sun is shining over at the park.

Yesterday we did school outside, went for three bike rides, a walk...
...and played at the park after dinner.

Blogging wasn't on my mind....but alas I will keep up.
I love having this little space to hold memories and a small portion of the millions of photos I take.
It's nice to look back and see what we did when and where.

Now, an "Over the weekend" post is usually reserved for a Monday morning.
Today is Tuesday.

....but like I said...Monday was just too gorgeous to be indoors!

Even though the week is in full swing,
and last weekend is almost a long distance memory, here it is...
...Over the weekend.

...making a salad to go along with dinner.

.....Jeff took our bikes down for the summer. Yay!


...Jeff's boss has the most gorgeous property...
 ...and their family has horses that Frankie and my girls are in love with.

..perhaps a little early, but I was excited and eager. {Frost! you better stay away!}
Window box planted. Check.

...when your dinner plan fails and the kids beg dad to cook hot dogs over the fire.
..and he runs to the store and grabs everything we need.
....and then the fire goes long into the evening past everyone's bedtime
..and the younger kids say it's one of the best nights ever.

...these are the times I will miss when my kids are grown and gone.

...he's been teaching him how to dunk.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. I LOVED every single picture and I teared up when I read, "these are the times I will miss when my kids are grown and gone." I think about that all the time....really savoring these days spent together. xo-Chris

  2. Oh the best of times! Such a sweet blessing to see you all enjoying life and each other. My favorite is of your big son holding up your little son to dunk!