Friday, May 27, 2016

The Un-Official Official Start.

This weekend is the unofficial official start of summer.
It's popsicles and iced coffee and trips to the beach and farmer's markets....from here on out.

We have an exciting new adventure happening this season {...I will tell you all about it next week!}

If you're planning on visiting Chicago in the next 10 days...bring your umbrella. Rain, rain, rain...rain.
If you're a out for Frankie.
If you're a weed..stay out of my garden!

If you're looking for a new song.... here's one.

If you're looking for a good workout... Be careful not to hurt yourself!!!
{fast forward to 40:55 ....that's where it gets really strenuous}

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. now that's my kind of workout!!! lol

  2. Wish I could be there this summer! Next summer though, I'm planning on coming back :)