Monday, May 23, 2016


You have no idea the amount of dirt that was on this child when we came in tonight.
Gardening is going to be a little different this summer....
....let's just say I had to replant the basil and a couple of tomato plants.

I bought a few of my tomato plants from a lady who grew all sorts of varieties I have never heard of.
She had them in little plastic cups with handwritten tags. I was really excited at my find.

Of course, I ended up mixing up the plants and have no idea which is which now.
A surprise it will be when the tomatoes are ready. Haha.

Welcome back beautiful, wonderful, fabulous salad season.

There is a cornfield at the edge of this we will call this picture..Field of Dreams.

Sam's birthday was yesterday. He turned 14.
All he wanted to do was play baseball. So that's what we did.
Cousins.Friends.Uncles....and of course his dad and brothers.

He obviously takes after his father.

Today was gorgeous.sunny.warm.perfect.
Tomorrow the rain comes for the next few days into...forever.
There is rain in our forecast forever! Boohoo.

Hope your week is off to a great start.
Happy Monday.

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