Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy Friday and a book I like and FREE stuff for you...I promise you'll love it.

Today's culture promotes a very busy lifestyle. I am not a fan.

I've been reading so many articles lately about the importance of
free time and "boredom" in a child's life. I whole heartedly agree.

Children need empty space in their days to create and learn on their own.
I saw this book and plan on finding it at the library. If it's worthy, it may even end up on my shelf.

Speaking of simplicity....I'm currently reading Simple Matters by Erin Boyle.
I just started it...I haven't really gotten too far and I already want to clean and purge the house!
{You can find her blog here }

Speaking of cleaning house....I started using this AMAZING!!!!! company  over the winter.
My mom told me about a special they were running, so I thought, why not?
I figured I'd order once and be done with it.

Well, after my first order I was completely hooked!
They have everything I would normally buy at the store plus much, much more.

Grove Collaborative is an all natural, online store.
They carry everything from Mrs. Meyer's to Method and their own personal line that I love!
Their hand sanitizer smells and works wonderful.
It doesn't dry your hands out like all of the others on the market.

They have household products, beauty products and all sorts of things for baby.

If you place an order with Grove Collaborative you get $10.00 off your first purchase!
No strings attached! But you will get attached...I promise.
FREE products! {may I suggest the lip balm?}

This is not a gimmicky company...and you don't have to commit in order to purchase.
It can be a one time thing just to try them out.

They are very personal to work with....You'll even get a handwritten Thank You on your receipt. ;)

Anyway, thought I'd share.

The weather here is supposed to be gawwwwgeous this weekend!
We have a birthday in our house...we're going to play baseball Sunday afternoon with the whole family..aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins...etc. to celebrate.
It's going to be fun.

HaPpY Friday.

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  1. The babies face is precious! What are you saying to him to get him to make those faces?

    Enjoy family time, so sweet!!!