Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A little catching up. An exciting adventure and I hate broken phones.

My iPhone....it died completely. Black screen. No power. No hope.
I have to wait a week for my new one to come..in this instant day and age? a week? Ha Apple!
However, I am very thankful for warranties.

Our family is outside 90% of the day now that the weather is nicer.
Which means my house stays a whole lot cleaner! A clean house makes me happy.

It's also hard to sit down and blog when it's 75 and sunny outside...
.... which is why I haven't been on here in...what?...a whole week!? Yikes.

So here's to catching up....

This morning's laundry soap maker....{sort of}

Better than a bouquet of flowers....oh pretty basil you smell so good.

Sorry to the neighbors who abandoned their house but planted a rose bush the year before they left...
....my girls thought it was fine to cut a few roses.
I told them we really shouldn't....but I did happily put the few on my table.

I wrote on Facebook and Instagram about my sister Dana and her husband's brick oven business.
They bought the oven a while back and now have it mastered...so this their year!
Jeff  has always been in love with brick ovens...we are both so excited to be working with them.

Saturday I catered a beautiful wedding with Dana and Caitlin.
The above picture is part of our fruit/vegetable spread.

The lovely Margherita. SO pretty and tastes even better than it looks.
*an old Italian tradition...an olive placed in the center of a pizza means perfection.

....and this breakfast pizza. ....I know where you can get one!
The Kenosha Harbor Market ......where we will be making them every Saturday morning.

That's all for now. Happy Tuesday to you.


  1. Everything looks amazing and delicious!!! xo -Chris

  2. I wish I lived somewhere near Kenosha. I'll have to make one of those breakfast pizzas at home.