Thursday, June 9, 2016

Colds in small towns while painting.

Don't you just love the fresh, lush green smell after a summer rain?
Today it was chilly and rained almost all day long.
In between showers we went for a quick walk down the road to see the horses.

Meanwhile inside, my kitchen and downstairs bathroom were getting
a much, much needed coat of fresh paint. {one day project turned into...hopefully two..}

Teenage boys are great to have around the house, let me tell you.
I didn't even ask them to paint...
Tyler actually took the day off work and asked what he can do for me today.
Painting the kitchen was his idea! Thank you child of mine. I appreciate it more than you know.

I tried taking a picture ....a raised brush was all I could get.
Good enough.

My house is of course taken apart and a disorganized disaster...part of the painting process.
This kind of mess doesn't bother me because a fun project is being accomplished. Haha.

 My back gate...where the hydrangea bushes will soon be full of blooms.

Have I introduced you to our chickens? We have four.
We've had them since April. Here we have Vader and Sunflower.
Very deep and meaningful names.

 Clingy-mama-wanting baby ...we'll just throw him in the Tula.

I spy a little girl in the window... too sick for a quick walk.

We have very bad colds {complete with fevers and sore throats} going through our house this week.
It smells like an essential oil factory around here.

You know how you know it's coming and you feel tired and blah...that's me today.
I figured it would be a miracle if I didn't catch it....
I've been covered in Frankie sneezes for the past couple of days.

"....someday we will live in the country and you will have horses of your own."
Her dad told her this when she was nine...she clings to his words all the time. Haha.

Meanwhile we are happy living in our small town,
surrounded by farm fields and other people's horses.

Do you have big plans for the weekend? It's going to be sizzling hot around here.
We will be making pizzas in Kenosha..if you're around come see us!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. All these lovely summer pictures.. Its making me miss being over there :) But I love keeping up with the family and everything thats happening with you guys :) Have a great weekend!!! PS... Im slightly jealous of your sizzling temps.. Its not getting much higher than 50F here -_- ;P

  2. I always love hearing about you and your family! Have your son come paint my house!! :)