Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Do they have an app for staying focused?

Lake Michigan in the Kenosha Harbor is our view every Saturday morning from now until October.
Summer perfection.

The lazy days of summer do not always apply to our family.
For many years we have provided people with the necessities for their lazy day meals..
...whether it be home grown vegetables and the world's best sweet corn or
{starting this year} pizza! Our weekends are not always our own.

But really..if you have to work over the weekend...could there be a better job to have than mine?
{well...maybe a lifeguard on a beach in Hawaii...but then there's sharks and volcanoes and yeah...
...who needs Hawaii anyway....}

Despite my plate being really full this season....I am determined to stay focused,
on track and not get distracted. I need to make sure my family remains in the number one spot
on my priority list. These years are fleeting and I don't want to waste them!

The nicest thing about my family is with me! {most of the time}
Not only my little family...but my extended family as well...siblings, parents, grandparents.
My kids spend time with their cousins and aunts and uncles...etc.
It's a blessing...a big one.

To stay focused one must be organized...that's {so not} me!

But I have a nice little calendar/day planner book...which drives my husband crazy.
Poor Jeff, lover of technology has a wife who loves her pen and paper and
still writes checks at the grocery store. {but only sometimes...}

"There's an app that can do that"....a phrase often heard from husband to wife in our home.
Have I ever told you about the app he used while I was in labor?
Seriously...Apple timed my contractions. ;)

Back to being focused...
See...I can't even stay focused on writing this post, which is supposed to be about staying focused!
Yep..organized. Even on my blog.

I was trying to take pictures of chives and tomatoes...
these three kept eating my vegetables and getting in the way...Which made for a WAY better photo in my opinion.

Happy Midweek.

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  1. I am literally the EXACT same way when it comes to technology. I just added my email to my phone so I can get instant email notifications and I only did it because I was always missing the dance studio emails! I would only check me email once a week on the home comp and sometimes they would send last minute schedule changes and I never got them so I was "forced" to link it to my phone. I literally use my phone for taking photos, Instagram, calls, and texts (in that order)! lol xo-Chris