Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Just a few pictures.

My kids have been asking if I can put a table back into the kitchen.
So after we finished painting we took the shelf and island cabinet out and put the table in.
It's been nice to have people sit in there with me while I work.

Does your heart still skip a beat when you catch glimpses of your spouse?
Mine does. I've known him for 22 years and I still could stare at him all day long.


The Franks.
Frank #1 giving Frank #2 chocolate. Frank #2 was pretty happy about that.

It's market season again and I will be blogging and sharing over at Twin Gardens.
There are a couple of lettuce wrap ideas on the blog now.
We have some exciting things planned this year including a new website and
a farm to table dinner! {more on this later...I am super happy to be a part of it all!}

Happy Wednesday.

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