Thursday, June 30, 2016

Two problems you will face when handing over your camera...and a couple of other little things.

"That's nice, that's really nice..." said the man in the fancy, tucked in shirt with the tight, gray pants.
"You're going to like these...they are nice..."

Weeeelllll....the above photo was the best of the best.
I think I will call the photo...'My Son in The White Shirt is Not a Murderer'.
That, or...'My son in the red stripes is not a chipmunk"...I haven't decided yet.

I guess I should have told him to focus..I assumed everyone knew. was nice of him to offer to take all of us together.
and we have this grand photo to stash away to remember the day for years to come.

I spent Tuesday in the city with just the boys...doing mostly boy things.
{we did stop at a farmer's market..that is not considered a boy thing around here}

Things we did.

...Ate bacon cheeseburgers.
......Walked through a high end car dealership...Lamborghinis, Teslas... know, cars we all have parked in our garages.
....Visited all sports stores along the way. {didn't realize how many there are!}

These were all things I have never done before.

Concerning the title...when you hand over your camera...
Let's just say...I don't remember doing a car photo shoot.

It was fun to be with them...I actually am really enjoying the teenage years.
{and the toddler years...again! Ha!}

Have a great evening.

P.S. If any of you want to see a neon green Lamborghini...let me know, I have a few hundred pictures.

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  1. Hahaha, I love the photos you get from helpful strangers! My friend and I had a stranger offer to take a photo of us in Maine... we were all the way to the side of the frame and it was focused on shoreline a few miles in the background. :-P