Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What's with the pencil aisle?...and a different kind of Fourth of July!

Why is it, when we now go to the grocery store,
all of the back to school aisles are filled with pencils and folders?!
Stop it retailers!!! The summer has just begun and you're trying to make us feel like fall.

We always spend the Fourth of July at my parent's house.
This year we spent the weekend making pizzas at Celebrate America instead.

 Although we missed all the fun at my mom's....we still had a great day out in Kenosha.
The weather was gorgeous....perfect really.

...sponsored a pizza eating contest.
.....met so many nice people.
...were right on the lake and able to see the fun water sports going on.
..ate our weight in ice cream and pizza.

Even though we are around pizza all of the time...we never, ever get tired of it.
I could eat brick oven pizza

Even though it's late...Happy Fourth of July!
Hope your holiday was great and your summer is even better.


  1. Fabulous! I agree--->stop with the "Back to School" shenanigans! Xo-Chris