Friday, August 26, 2016

To wrap up the week.....

Last weekend it was just Jeff and I.  All kids were with grandparents.
We went into the city, saw a movie and...Talked!
Having a long conversation at this point in our lives is not always easy to do...we realized we HAVE to be intentional about this otherwise it won't happen.

Do you have the YouVersion bible app? If not, you should get it.
This plan popped up front and center last week...
...Jeff and I were in a bit of a fight at the time! (his fault of course ;)
Isn't that how God works? He puts before us what we NEED to hear and see...
...especially when we don't want to hear and see it! Silly pride, right?

After walking by Mario's the past few summers, we finally found out what the big deal was!
Stop...that's all I'm going to say.

So I thought I was doing the right thing by shopping local and purchasing my tomato plants from the "Master Gardener" of the county. She explained what each plant was....and also sold a bunch of Roma Tomato plants to me at a great price so I could make sun-dried tomatoes for our pizzas!
Well....let. Me. Tell. You! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!
I have in my garden 9,000 tomatoes the size of pearls!!!
What on earth am I supposed to do with pearl size, thick skinned tomatoes?

This is the first time in many years I have no tomatoes...
I feel like the end scene in A Christmas Story ...right after the turkey is destroyed.

Only my scene goes a little more like....
No canning salsa.
No tomato pie.
No sun-dried tomatoes....
...gone, all gone!
Moral of the story....
Never Trust a Master Gardener! ...or at least not the one I went to. ;)

Hope you have a Great weekend!!!


  1. Oh man, that is a major BUMMER on the tomatoes!!! xo-Chris

  2. You two are so stars...but better ;)Love how God works.

    ack on the tomatoes. I tried heirloom for the last two summers, and they were hit and miss. So this year I went back to standard tomatoes, though labeled non GMO. It was a good tomato year :)