Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Everyone's sharing back to school and we're over here stripping off clothes and sunbathing....

It's much easier to relax without a diaper on. The tabs are fairly simple to open...
...just don't let your mom catch you, okay?

This time of year I feel like I live in another world....
I hear the school buses going by...I see the neighbor kids leave with their backpacks on...
...everyone on the planet is posting back to school pictures and talking about packing lunches.

We don't start school until much later than everyone else and I start to feel behind.
Then I remember, wait, we homeschool! I make the rules. I set the dates.

I know I write about this every single year...but I don't like our summer to end until September.
August is still hot and sunny and not for sitting inside filling out math worksheets.
Labor Day in my mind is the start of the fall season and the beginning of the school year....
...although pumpkins don't go on my porch until the actual first day of fall. Ha!

Jeff said I needed to break my sandals-only-in-summer habit...he bought a new pair of shoes for me.
At first I didn't know if I could handle NOT wearing sandals...but..I love them.
And the fact that he chose them and bought them makes them even more special.
I am not a sentimental person...but when it comes to gifts from Jeff, I am.

You can get your own pair here.
They are really comfy too!

Long Live Summer....


  1. I'm with you. For some reason the schools started here too. Usually they wait til after Labor day.Our best weather is in August and Sept., and often October too. Well, less traffic and less crowds at the beach :) Frankie has the right idea :)

  2. We start next week (Sept 1). It's so funny about the shoes. I was shopping at JCrew today with Ethan getting him some dress clothes and the salesman suggested Sperry's for him. I had never heard of them before. There was a display in the store...very nice shoe! They look cute on you (from what I can see in the pic). ~Shanda