Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Muffins That Lied.

They looked so pretty. They smelled so good.

You see, I was chatting on the phone in the early morning,
I quickly whipped up THREE batches of blueberry muffins for my family.
{That's SIX cups of precious, fresh, only in the summer time, in season blueberries}

Now, my kids love blueberry muffins and I have made then at least 2,000 times!
They always turn out just fine.

But this time, the responses went a little something like this....
"These are gross"
"These taste like the ocean"
"These are disgusting"
....the negative comments kept on coming.

I tried one for myself. Yuck!
They looked beautiful. What could have gone wrong.

I started thinking through what I did in my head....over and over and over....
Light bulb! Baking Soda!!! Baking soda instead of powder.

Moral of the story.
Don't talk on the phone until the batter is mixed together. Ha!

A triple batch of blueberry muffins...wasted!
Oh well. No use crying over spilled milk...or baking soda-ed blueberries.



  1. Embarrassingly, I did that with a chocolate cake one time.. It was so bad! I must have been lost in my own little world or something, because I was just following the destructions (instructions), but somehow managed to over do the baking soda. I felt terrible!! But I just made another one.. I felt a bit better after that :)

    1. Oh No! Ruining a chocolate cake is not good. Chocolate is important. ;)
      I did the same thing...I just made new muffins.