Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A bed sheet minimalist who loves linen and has a husband who only likes waffles from Belgium.

There really is no reason to own more than two sets of sheets for your bed.
My kids actually only have one set each. Whenever they wear out, I buy another.

We wash bedding once a week...everyone has their specific day.
All of my kids are old enough to make their own beds now....Ha-lle-lu-jah!
Can I just tell you how much I despise bunk bed bed making?
It's pretty much the worst part of motherhood.

My favorite sheets Jeff and I have owned thus far are Ralph Lauren's.
We bought them for an anniversary gift to ourselves.

Putting them on was a dream...or maybe sleeping on them was a dream...anyway...they were perfect.
After a few years...they ripped. I cried.
Not really, but almost. I looooooved those sheets.

They had these scrunchy sides that fit so nice onto the bed..
...sniff, sniff, tear falls...#firstworldproblem

Now we are the owners of one set of sheets.
I've been looking for a new set and I found these in muslin. Drool, gush, covet.
Since I'm not a Rockefellar, I cannot justify $472.00 for our bed...
..after all, my children do need to eat, right?

{unless, hmmm...children, there's this book called The Benefits of Fasting...oh nevermind.}

And...look at this! He plops onto my bed and falls asleep.
The feet attached to the child pictured below that you can't see....are filthy!
I wouldn't think this was so cute if he put them on a $148 flat sheet.

As I look for new sheets, all I have in my head now is linen! Which.....$$$$$ in case you didn't know.
I did find these Belgian linen sheets ....they are a wee bit less, but still...not Jeff approved.

I hear people sleep so soundly in Belgium, they always look so rested. Jeff doesn't believe me.
But they do! Then they wake up and eat the waffles they made in their Belgian waffle makers.

Jeff once got a Belgian waffle maker for Christmas....he wanted it! We all love it.
Belgian sheets to match the waffles makes perfect sense to me.

{Look how pretty all the linen from Restoration Hardware looks...
....why can't Jeff see the beauty in this stack?}

Anyway... I'm still shopping for sheets.
I will not make a purchase until I find a set that I absolutely LOVE!
Until then, I will wear my favorite linen skirt in honor of linen one more time and
then pack it away for winter.

Off to bed now...where I will sleep on our one set of $40.00 Target sheets {that I actually do like}.
Have a lovely evening.


  1. I, personally, like the WalMart cotton sateen sheets. Soft as a baby's...feet.

  2. I grew up using cotton sheets in the summer and flannel in the winter and still do this. Flannel are so warm and cozy on those freezing nights. I can't imagine getting into cold cotton sheets in the winter.

  3. So Frankie is old enough to make his own bed, huh? You start them off young! ;)

    I drooled over Ralph Lauren sheets many years ago when my boys were little, but couldn't bring myself to spend the money on them. Years later I was give the exact top sheet by a relative cleaning out. Wonderful roses! The sheet had been cut in half though...but I still like it.

    I also inherited a set of sheets I have yet to soak and clean. They are sitting in the bottom of the linen cabinet I inherited. They are so precious, and probably worth so much, I will just have to have a photo shoot and maybe not sleep in them. Well maybe once. My practical, missionary minded son, said, "Mom you should sell those!" ( I saw some on line like them for over $1000 as they are probably Victorian vintage) What would you do?
    So, we mainly use some from Bob's parents. They are soft and remind us of them.

    All that to say...I understand the search and the desire for the right sheets, as well as the fam having to eat!

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