Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A little advice for young moms and I'm SO glad Jeff is Jeff and not Tarzan because I'd make the absolute worst Jane of the jungle.

It rained today. Last I checked, the humidity was 1,000%. Heat index was 872 degrees Fahrenheit.
In other words, we are currently living in jungle conditions.

The older I get, the more I love winter...until it's {the end of} winter.
Then I love summer. Ha! Isn't that how it always goes with us discontent humans?

I do however, love a rainy day.
We went for a walk and played in puddles when the sun came out for a little while before lunch.

The rest of the day we stayed inside, accomplished laundry and I worked on lesson plans.
{we start school next week}

I'm excited. I'm ready for the slow down.
It's still a bit crazy around here and will be through market season...but is it ever not crazy?

The older your kids get, the busier your household will become.
Your kids begin to have lives outside of the, sports, missions trips..etc.

It's all a part of children growing up.
You do not have full control over your kid's schedules like you do when they are little.
The dinner table is often missing someone. Family time happens less.

So my advice to you young moms....
Focus on your family because the time with your kids is short. and time goes fast.

It's easy to be intentional when you have all your kids at home by your side. Take advantage.
I know you may long for time alone...don't worry, it's coming! Sooner than you think.
I promise! Right now enjoy your life to the fullest in the season you are in.

That old saying...The days are long but the years are short..It's true!

Listen, you will have teenagers before you know it.
..and having teenagers is not a bad thing. I love having's great!
But knowing how quickly they got to this age has made me realize
how quickly they will be all grown up and leave our home.

Don't take one day for granted.Not one single day.
Soak in every moment you have with your children no matter what their ages.


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  1. such a good reminder. so true!! and love those puddle shots.❤️