Monday, September 12, 2016

To wrap up last week and start this week....and the best "national" day ever is tomorrow and all moms should know about it!!!

You know those weeks and weekends that don't go as planned? ...that was our's.
Jeff was so sick...he went to bed Thursday evening and didn't wake up until Sunday night.
All is well tonight.

Allergies due to those beautiful fall weeds...I look like a reptile.
Sophia told me I don't look that bad...
...."your eyes just look like you have a bunch of big mosquito bites all over them."
Thanks for your honesty honey. ;)

The weather has been dreamy the past three days.
70's..Sunny and NO humidity!
You have no idea how ready I am for cooler weather to be on it's way.

About that binky....really, he's the 6th child..I've learned by now there are bigger fish to fry.
He won't be starting Kindergarten with it in his mouth. It's reserved for bedtime and naps.

We start school on Wednesday.
I am excited...we're doing some fun things this year!
...and this is the first year in a while I feel ready and organized.
{but don't look at our school room until tomorrow!}

Also...if you know me, you know I love "National _____ Day."
I have the important and fun ones on my calendar. I write them down with everyone's birthdays too.
Anyway...tomorrow is a BIG one!

Tomorrow is...Let your children take over the kitchen day! I thought you moms would like to know.
It's like...the best national day ever! ;)

Hope your week is off to a great start.

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