Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A sort of commercial...You should really try the lip balm and cider.

Today is National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day.
As I type out this post my children are eating breakfast made by Allison. ;)

My kids are in the kitchen cooking and baking all the time anyway...it's in their blood.
But cleaning? Well...that's another story. Not everyone inherited my cleaning gene.

We are working on putting a love for cleanliness in their hearts through mandatory labor.
To make their job easier, we provide only the best tools possible.

Does this sound like it's going to be an advertisement?
Because it is....I'm totally advertising for a company I absolutely LOVE!
Why? I think you will love it too!

The company we use for our household cleaning products is called Grove Collaborative.

It has made my weekly shopping so much easier.
I don't have to think about cleaning products when I'm at the store....
...I can focus only on my groceries. {and the crew I usually have in tow!}

I simply go online once a month to customize my order! Hit ship and then wait by my front door.
Within 15 minutes a box filled with my items arrives. Not really, but wouldn't that be fun? Ha.
They do ship quickly though.

Grove Collaborative has the best of the best when it comes to natural products...
....and they even have their own line. {Get the Lip Balm...Trust me, you will love it! I use it daily.}

A couple of items I'm using today {or rather my children are using....cue sinister laugh..hahaha}
.... and think you should order too....
1.The new seasonal scents from Mrs. Meyers...Mum and Cider...they are perfectly perfect for Fall.

2.The lip balm I mentioned above. You will never use anything else again.

3. Order a dishtowel from them.
I am slowly switching all of my kitchen towels to the Grove Collaborative brand...they are great.

So follow THIS LINK! and sign up.
Not only will you be happy with your decision, but you will also get $10 off your first order!
I promise you will not be disappointed.

End Ad.
Have a great day...and stay out of the kitchen if you're not a kid!

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