Friday, September 16, 2016

To wrap up the week.....

If you are not busy this Saturday, come out and see us!
We will be catering an event at DC Estate Winery.
Brick oven pizza, meatball sandwiches, sausage sandwiches, salad....Italian perfection.

The winery is so beautiful.
They will be having a grape stomp, a live band, wine tastings and all sorts of activities for the kids.
The weather is supposed to be perfect too! It's going to be a great time. You really need to come.

I caved a week earlier than usual and bought a pumpkin.

We made a fabulous egg and potato skillet this week...recipe over on Twin Garden Farms blog.

September is a crazy month for birthdays. Between my family and Jeff's we have twelve.
We have two boys in September and tomorrow is one of them.

Alex will be seventeen! For his birthday, he wanted to see the Piano Guys,
so we're going tonight with one of my brothers. I'm excited.

I leave you with a Beethoven's 5 Secrets. 
...aaaaannnnnd let's do one more from them.
Yeah..I'm excited.

Happy Weekend.

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  1. " tastings and all sorts of activities for the kids"
    Wow Liz! You guys are great! Ha-ha-ha
    Have a super time at Piano Guys, we loved their concert!