Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Can you leave me alone life so I can blog about you?!

Hours turn into days that turn into weeks and I am a taxi driver who can't find the time to blog.
I homeschool and have been home long enough this week to {mostly} finish school.
I really, really don't want to stop writing and posting here...this is my scrapbook.
My real live books are empty in a box in the attic right next to our cobalt blue
"In Your Eyes" theme prom glasses from the late 1900's. {that makes us sound old..but we're not}
We are SUPER young still!

There are groceries to buy, dentists to visit and a boy that needs a ride to basketball practice.
{and there was also this sale at Old Navy where baby t-shirts were/ARE 50% off...anyway...}

The evenings used to be down time for Jeff and I. Down time as in...we were A.L.O.N.E.
Now the day blends right into bedtime and free time is practically absent from our lives.

Be intentional about your time they say. Ha! How?
I'm not sure what I can cut from the schedule at this point in's already at bare minimum.
Six kids growing means life is full.and the fridge is not.and we are out of almond milk...again?

Most of the time it's okay...
...sometimes I get frustrated and long for only toddlers again and a calmer more organized day.
The days where I was fully in charge of everyone's everything. No work. No outside distractions.
My whole house stayed clean! oh how I miss you super clean house.I really, really miss you.

On the flipside I love watching my boys grow up and do their own thing.
It's fun to share similar interests and do things together on a level other than Thomas the Train.

I have a love/hate relationship with being busy.
Mostly hate since I'm a fly by the seat kind of girl...
...and things keeping me tied down when something better could come along..say a sale at Old Navy? That's stressful to me.

Some of us did however find a little time to squeeze in apple picking.
Since two boys work at the orchard, they were gifted two bushels of apples..we picked Honeycrisps.
The most perfect of all the apples. I could eat a million..actually, I may have.

If you live in northern need to visit Edward's Apple Orchard this fall.
It's my smells. best doughnuts. best cider. best store. nicest owners.

Happy Wednesday to you.


  1. OK, my mouth is watering for apple. I served David his favorite organic Fuji, and he said, "this is a good one!" Yup, it is FALL!
    That pic of your boys is wonderful. Busy time with your big and little. Embrace every will miss them :)