Friday, September 30, 2016

Wrappin' up the week here with the sweetest, yet sort of sad little song....

I LOVE the look of a dried corn field ready to be harvested against a dark, grey sky on a cool fall day.
That's the look around here today. It's perfect.

We're in sweatpants, the house is {mostly} clean, floors are washed and laundry is...not done.
But hey, that's what rainy Saturday mornings are for, right?

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this past week.
All of us siblings and my grandparents had dinner together at my brother's house... was low key and nice.

We have this little book NEED to buy it!
We've been having so much FuN.
Sophia and I stayed up past our bedtime last night gluing leaves and flowers. ;)

I can't stop listening to this adorable and super sweet song.
I told my girls this is the song I will sing when they move out. I even started singing it to them.
They asked me how long until the song is over. blah, blah.
Un-sentimental children. They'll come around, I know it.

Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. That song! Too pretty and too sad. I always love to read here. -Luci

  2. I've followed your blog a couple years now and known your whole family since 2005. It's truly a beautiful thing to see parents setting a lovely example of faithfulness and remaining true to each other all those years, while many others throw away their marriages after their children are grown. The song is sad, but even when you let them go they'll move right next door to ya.