Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hockey sticks and rust colored flowers from mums....toddlers are the best.

Just when I thought we were past my fall mums being picked apart...
a{n almost} two year old comes along.

But...he picked it for me! Of course I'm not upset...it was the SWEETEST!
I love this little guy so much...we all do around here.

Don't buy into the "terrible two" cliche.
I know some days are hard...
{like when you're trying to make dinner "Mama hold me, mama hold me... the baby cries}

....and I know they get into everything!!!
{ash from the wood stove, every cabinet...and even their own diapers...Ewwww!!!!}

But...Toddlers are the best!

They love you unconditionally. Mom is their whole world.
(and dad!...don't want to leave dads out...but mom usually still supersedes at age two ;)
The cuteness is almost unbearable!!!

The things they say.
The hugs and kisses they give.
The little things they do.

I just love toddlers.

Happy Tuesday to you.

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