Friday, October 7, 2016

To wrap up the week.While everyone else was drinking hot chocolate...

...we went out for ice cream? In October? When the air was brisk and chilly?
I only have these two until tomorrow night. After the library she said ice cream sounded good.
From the car seat a little voice said.... "Me a aye cweem peese?"

So in that crisp, cool, fall evening breeze...we ate "aye cweem".

Jeff has been gone since Monday for work..he comes home tomorrow evening!
I can't wait!!!!!!! I miss him when he's gone.

Early tomorrow morning I have a coffee/grocery shopping appointment with a ten year old girl.
We will be buying everything we need to make s'mores in our backyard tomorrow night.

The weather around here is going to be gorgeous for the next few days.
Very fall-ish. I need to get more pumpkins for my porch.

Here's one of my absolute favorite instagram feeds. I could look through her photos all day.
I've been following her for a while now...I want to live where she lives!

Frankie's little shoes in these pictures...they were Tyler's when he was two!
All of my boys have worn them. Paying for quality was worth it. Thanks Striderite.

...and that's a little wrap up on our week.
Happy Friday.


  1. I'm so glad you wrote his request just the way he said it, I died of cuteness overload.
    Here's one of my favorite instas :

    The one you shared is magical!

  2. i love esther's instagram!!!! definitely one of my favs for sure :)