Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Appreciate and be grateful and gather herbs and make homemade trail mix.

I've been praying about my wife status lately. I want to be a good one. A better one. A thankful one.
I want Jeff to be happy that he married me, not sorry.

I started wondering... do I show gratefulness towards him? Does he know how thankful I am?
I tell him I appreciate him, but do my actions and attitude match up?

He does so many things for me, for our family...yet I often times choose to complain
about the what he doesn't do...like my new kitchen windows I'm waiting for,
my new sink sitting in my garage,  the wall I want knocked out,
the new flooring for our family room...etc.
But I'm not complaining! wink, wink ;)

Not only Jeff, but everyone in my life. Am I grateful for all that people do for me?
Big things, little things....do I appreciate them?

The more we take the time to notice all that people do for us, the more humble we become.

Thankful people are happy people.
To become a happier person,  keep track of all the things others do for you.
Make a list. Write them down. Keep a journal. Thank them!

Do NOT keep a mental list of all that you have done for others!

When you focus on what you do or what you've done for people,
that's exactly where it stops...with you.
It builds pride and entitlement in your heart.
You will become a miserable person inside and out.

Remember One Thousand Gifts?
Ann's book was such an inspiration. If you haven't read it, you really need to.
It will give you perspective.

My lavender started blooming again. In northern Illinois. In November!
We gathered a bunch more herbs out of the garden...one more little harvest this fall.
This little spurt of warm will be over very shortly...then it's frigid weather until April/May.

Now about the homemade trail mix...
It's a way to trick my mind into believing 

I'm eating something healthier....it's really just glorified M&M's. 


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