Monday, November 28, 2016


Every holiday I want to get a picture of our family....if it happens..'s always one that never works out. Why?

I pulled the girls onto the porch right after Jeff prayed for dinner.

Turkey butter because it's Thanksgiving and it's turkey butter!

My beautiful Grandmother and Mother in Law.

...aaaaaand all the girl cousins. {minus one because she was home sick}

Did you guys see this crazy kid's turkey cooking video?
{Click that pink link to watch.} I still laugh so hard when I watch it.

Taking it easy before the guests arrive...

The most handsome-est turkey carver in all the world...make that universe!
He also has a birthday today. I am most grateful for him..he makes my life happy and full.
I love him so very much.

My sweet and lovely sister...just last week lost her baby...a little boy...she was 20 weeks along.
Not an easy thing to go through...she wrote this beautiful little post on her Facebook page.
{ on the pink link to read.}

Our house transitioned from Fall to Christmas this past weekend.

I love cedar's so dainty and festive. It's my favorite!

"I can already see it now year you're going to want a fake, junky Christmas tree."
First world problems.

Sorry I broke tradition kids...I promise we will always have a real tree...
...but let me say, it was nice to walk in and quickly purchase a pre-cut, reasonably priced tree from a giant box store that starts with an M rather than walking in the rain this year to cut one down. ;)

Look! A Christmas-pick-out-a-tree-photo and No mud! ;)

He is such a fun dad...he always has been.

Old, vintage ornaments...some my great grandmother's, some antique store finds.
I love them all.

Christmas with a two year old is just perfect! Toddlers are fun. It's such an awesome stage of life.
Everything is exciting and new.

...and he fell asleep looking at the Christmas tree.

Love long weekends..but it's nice to get back in the swing of things around here.
Happy Monday.


  1. What a wonderful post, Elizabeth! Our holiday looked very similar...turkey butter (an absolute must) and decorating the tree with ornaments that mean so much. My Family had a real tree every year when I was growing up...I will never forget the memories of picking it out and the amazing smell it added to our home. It's a great tradition! Looking forward to seeing more of your cute photos throughout the holidays!

  2. Ha, here I was almost envying the artificial trees going up over Thanksgiving weekend, because it is too soon for fresh...and there you are with a fresh tree! I love garland too, and old ornaments.
    Your girls are so pretty, and growing up into young women too fast.
    So sorry to hear of your sister's loss. I will pray for comfort for all.
    And the turkey funny, I have to show it to my husband.