Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday Night.

Here we have a few grainy, poor quality iphone pictures and a blog post on this cozy Saturday night.

Jeff and the boys are out catering an event tonight with my brother in law and brothers.
Frankie and the girls and I are watching Christmas movies and eating the cookies we baked.

We decorated our church for Christmas this afternoon with my mom and a couple of sisters.
...and a million toddlers and babies...okay, maybe not that many,
but our family sure does have a lot of kids...and we love it.. ;)

We found these snowcap chocolate chips early in November...Sophia has been dying to use them.
I told her she had to wait until the Christmas season.
Well...tonight was her night! They are the cutest...they look like snowflakes. Sort of.

Speaking of snow... there is a 100% chance of snow tomorrow morning!!!!!
You have no idea how excited my kids are. and maybe their mother... a little. *cough*

I want this house.
The simple garland. The simple porch. I love it.
....and the snow. Oh that pretty white Christmas-y.

Last night we were at Victorian Christmas. Jeff has been the DJ the past couple of years.
He has this incredibly beautiful playlist of Victorian Christmas
music that puts you in such a festive mood!

He wasn't feeling very well last night...thankfully he had a nice little heated room to sit in.
He did a great job despite being sick. and after sleeping in this morning he's feeling much better.

Visiting with an old fashioned Santa who said he doesn't deliver live animals...puppies for example.
What a wonderful Santa Claus! ;)

Frankie showed us "Babeee Jedut" 100 times. It was adorable.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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