Monday, December 5, 2016

Thank you....

.....Chicago Bears for promoting father/son bonding time on the couch.

....lady at the barn sale who told me I indeed would be happy come December
for buying this antique Radio Flyer sled back in July.

....Sam for being such a great big brother.
Frankie was so excited..Sam took him out before breakfast and built a small snowman
after the first of the snow began to fall.

....Amazon Prime for selling this little octopus hanger that IKEA doesn't sell online,
we can dry all our wet hats and mittens rather quickly. It's perfect.

....wood burning stove for making our house warm and cozy.

.... copper pot filled with fresh cranberries, cinnamon sticks and sliced oranges
for making our house smell festive.

....potatoes for making a fabulous soup when I used this recipe.
{I doubled the recipe for our family}

......children {mostly Sam} and neighbor children {mostly Ryland} for making our
outside look like Christmas.

.....snow for being beautiful and making our Sunday feel Christmas-y!

...Jeff for being such an amazing husband. You make my life happy. I love you. a lot.

...Monday for being a day to get back into the routine of things and
making laundry look a little more tackle-able.


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  1. Thank you for all the Christmas/winter feeling in this post. I can just about smell those cranberries and orange. That picture of your two guys is priceless.