Monday, December 26, 2016

The Five and Under Boys Club.

Tonight I'm finally going through all of my Christmas pictures.
I'm a little behind in pretty much everything this year...Christmas cards included.

My friend told me today I need to lower my standards....after our chat I realized I already have! Ha!
It's much more relaxing when you take the pressure off of yourself.
...and honestly, most of the pressure is really us, putting it onto ourselves anyway.

I mean, does anyone care that the bread is homemade? or the presents have pretty ribbon?

Wrapping is one of my favorite parts of Christmas..well, not the actual wrapping,
but the decorating after the wrapping.
...the bow tying and the greenery adding and the glitter and the pine cones....etc.

...but this year, I ended buying the cheap, plastic bows with the peel-y stickers on the bottom.
My girls think they're the greatest. and boy are they easy!

(I did make all the bread homemade this year..but don't check your mailbox for our card ;)

These pictures are from Christmas Eve...we tried to get all the little boy cousins together.
Aren't they just the cutest?!

One day they will all sit still and smile...but for now I love all their busy little boy-ness.

Merry {day after} Christmas.

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