Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The lady was right about the cake.

{.....he was mesmerized. Ha! Love this crazy husband of mine.}

Do you have seasonal drinks you like?
Mint green tea in the summer? Strawberry lemonade in the spring?
Well...all winter long whenever I go to Starbucks for a fancy drink,
I usually order a Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

So...you have NO idea how excited I was to find this cake!

The lady on the blog where I found this said....
"If you're going to make only one cake this season, make this one."
I'm so glad I did...or not, because I can't stop eating it. Ha!

1. My cake is not as pretty as the Sommer's....I was in a hurry and frosted fast.
BUT! The frosting was very easy to work with {I love you Mascarpone!}

2. I won't type out the recipe...Just follow this link to the recipe.

I did switch up 2 things....
A. I like a heavy and dense cake...so I used all purpose flour as opposed to cake flour.
B. I substituted buttermilk for whole milk.

Now go make this cake! and Enjoy.

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