Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Eve. Christmas Day. The Day After. Sorry about all the pictures...but not really.

Christmas Eve - Dad and mom's house.
Christmas Day- Our house. {this year}
The Day After- Home!

My mother is the reason Gymboree stays in business.
Every year all the grand kids get a new pair of pajamas to wear home.

Sleep won.
We opened his pj's and changed his clothes....all while he slept.
What a fun surprise to wake up in "Weeooo truck" jammies.

Christmas morning...before the sun was awake, my children were.
This is one of the things I miss most when they are all grown up and gone.

I love the night before.....when everyone is asleep and Jeff and I put all the presents out.
I love all the excitement when they first wake up.
I love that they can't wait to give their gifts to each other.

My cooking partner...I think he made more of Christmas dinner than I did! Best carrots ever by Jeff.
He's seriously awesome in the kitchen..and in the be...okay, I'll stop!
All I'm trying to say is Jeff is a really good cook. ;)

Our traditional Christmas Eve French toast breakfast... two days late.
Christmas falling on the weekend made for a busy holiday..
...and Monday morning worked out better for our family breakfast.

It's that time between Christmas and New Year's..
...that relaxing- blurry-  wanting to take the tree down but not wanting to take down the tree-
trying not to eat sugar but sugar is staring you in the face so you eat sugar-
staying up late- waking up late- kids have a free{-er} schedule- sad that Christmas is over-
but looking forward to the new and fresh calendar- sort of week.

Hope you're enjoying your's.

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