Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The greatest NYE partaaaaay....{that's New Year's Eve..not our name}

The Christmas tree is down. The house is clean.

The oldest two boys went with Jeff to see a late movie.
One boy is sleeping over at a cousin's house.
The girls are sleeping.
Frankie is sleeping.
I am...alone. In a quiet and clean house.
This is very, very rare.

I just finished going through all the pictures from the last few days.
Thought I'd share our New Year's Eve.

Whenever I see "NYE" the holiday, I laugh because it's also our last name.
Well..I don't really laugh, I just sort of notice.

At first I wasn't too fond of our name, but I was and still am very fond of the name holder..
...so changing was worth it. ;) and now it's trendy and written all over the place during the holidays.

On New Year's Eve we went to my brother's house.
My sister in law is a fabulous decorator and makes their home absolutely beautiful!
I love their house and have major discontent feelings after seeing their bedroom remodel.
Let's call it inspiration not jealousy...
...I'm thinking there will be some changes taking place in my home soon. Ha!

It was a fun party with all the New Year's bells and whistles....
...sparkly hats, fancy toasting glasses, tons and tons and tons of food, pretty decorations,
loud blowy horns and fireworks because, Hello...it's my brother! the pyro-technician.

We said hello to 2017 surrounded by family.
It was a wonderful way to welcome in a brand new year.

Angela is our adopted big sister. {who just happens to live next door to me...it's great!}

All the girl cousins.
They are outnumbered in the family...it's mostly boys.

Funny little Savino family fact...
There are currently 12 boy cousins, yet only 3 {so far} will carry on the Savino name!
It's the Savino daughters that are having all the boys.

All the ladies...minus one who was home with sick little boys.
{...we missed you Dana!}

Auntie Caitlin with little Clint who made it to midnight at the ripe old age of 1.

This is becoming his party habit. All the noise in the world couldn't wake this child.

Happy 2017!!!

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