Thursday, January 5, 2017

How to buy whipped cream and a sick little guy and my very last day.

{*Every morning I top my coffee with whipped cream.
Reddi-Wip to be exact. and I found that the red top can has corn syrup in it.
The blue top can...the extra creamy...does not. So buy the blue!}

Today I accomplished a cup of coffee, breakfast dishes and a nap with Frankie...
...that's about it.

I was mostly on the couch all day holding my little guy with a 104 degree fever.
We have cold rags and lavender oil and smoothies going on around here.

He thinks we are attached at the hip and if I move he asks....
"You lay down with me? Pease?"
So of course...

Thankfully I have older kids that cleaned the kitchen,
ran my errands and kept the house in order while I took care of the sickie.

Moms of little ones...I promise you, the day is coming soon where things will be easier.
You will be able to shower, take a nap and even grocery shop alone!

However...I'm so used to having kids around...
...going to the store by myself can feel a little lonely.

...on the couch. with mascara smeared under my eyes. in sweat pants and a sweater.
holding a sick baby. thankful for my family. thankful for my warm house.
thankful for an amazing husband. thankful for all God has blessed me with.
That is how I spent the last day in my 30's.


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