Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wrapping up the week.....on the Sunday evening of the following week.

Now that it's Sunday evening, and I'm sitting here being lazy after a crazy
Friday and Saturday and Sunday... I'll try and be consistent and put up a Friday post.
Does that even work? Not really...but it's okay.

This season of life is so busy and I'm trying to embrace the new normal that I thought would ease up
but I now have realized won't for quite some time...and that's okay! Embrace the season you are in.
....even if you're tired!

My sister posted this song on FB...then I shared...I'll share it here too.
It's the sweetest.

Don't forget to use your gymbucks !!!

You know how you find new people on instagram and they become
your new favorite for a while? At the moment.... she is mine.
Her pictures are so peaceful.

SUCH a good soup.  We're having it for dinner on Tuesday.
Not good for your body, but good for your tastebuds and winter soul.

Have a fabulous weekend...all 5 hours that are left of it! wink, wink.

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