Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The kitchen that stayed up late on a Tuesday night filled with family and smells of bread.

Late afternoon nap = up late in the evening drawing on the chalkboard.
Farkle at the kitchen table in pajamas.
Coloring with pencils at the dining room table.

Sour dough bread baking in the oven because timing is everything and
my timing was a bit off today.

I {heart} my new Dutch Oven.

Late night basketball practice...reheat the potato soup from dinner for the player and his dad.
Reading Gladys Aylward again to the girls. One of our favorites..if you've never read it...you MUST!

Drinking reheated coffee left over in the pot from this morning...it wasn't that bad...I think?

One more round of dishes and then off to bed....

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