Thursday, January 19, 2017

That time back in the fall when my sister told them I was a wedding photographer.

First...If you are a professional photographer...especially a wedding photographer....
PLEASE click off of this post right NOW!
Okay? Okay...See you later. Thanks for stopping by today.

"It's no big deal" she said. {there was more to this convo, but for times sake I'll cut it short}

Upon arriving at the beauty shop early in the morning after many
hours of wondering if I should even do this...the bride went ahead and gave us her photo list.
Then the mother of the groom told of the shots she wanted.
The mother of the bride her shots.

Hmmm....No big deal she said. Low key she said. No expectations she said.

I wanted to shoot my sister instead of this wedding.
I am not a wedding photographer...these people thought I was.
Great. Great. Great....GREAT!!! the day went on, I realized this was lower key than I originally
thought and actually a lot of fun!

So with three cameras and my sister... {who I could NOT have done this without...she is awesome!
If you ever need help with creative Stephanie!}
...we played wedding photographers for a day.

Here are a few photos...nothing amazing, not even the serious shots..just some of the fun ones.

The groom loves his old Dodge...he drove it out into the field and we used in a lot of the photos.

They were the cutest sweet.

Later as I was going through their photos, I couldn't help
but notice how much he gazed at her all day long.
So many moments of staring and she had no idea.

Jeff said all husbands actually do this and us wives don't realize it.
I told him I stare at his muscles all of the time and he doesn't know it.....true story! ;)
Well...maybe not the muscles, but I do stare and think...Wow! He's mine! I'm sure most wives do to their husbands.

P.S. Jeff edited the last photo...just want to give credit where credit is due. ;)

Call us if you need a wedding photographer! ...or Not!!!


  1. beautiful job!!! these are so good - love the one through the car window. I never get tired of seeing wedding pictures.. even if total strangers. something so precious & dear about them.

    1. Amber!!! I said NO professional wedding photographers were allowed to finish the post! ;)
      Thanks for your kind, Queen of pretty photos are the last person I want to look at my pictures. Haha. ..and yes, I could look at wedding pictures all day long.