Friday, January 20, 2017

Wrapping up the week....

This week is ending with a toddler having a fever again...I forgot how many germs little guys pick up.
I don't like when my kids are sick...but I do love how snuggly they are.
Essential oils and cold rags are our friends today. {when he keeps the cold rag on that is..Ha!}

He was however, feeling up to painting with his sisters this afternoon...he gave his creation to Tyler.
I love the relationship between my older kids and Frankie...I know I say this all the time..
...but two year olds are so much fun to have around the house!

The girls had lunch at Auntie Caitlin's house with their cousins this week...they loved it.
The library....Frankie would move in if we let him. actually so would the girls. gas pumper. Having bigger boys is great...especially during the winter months.
My mom knows me well...Hello cannoli cake! Thanks for adding 5 pounds to my thighs.

I think this girl has a pretty voice.

I want to take my girls to see this show .....but Yikes! Tickets are not cheap!

This is 100% me! I can't handle gets me so cranky.

This plate ....oh my goodness! Guess what we're having for breakfast tomorrow.

Congratulations to our new president and our beautiful first lady. {Her coat!!!}

Happy Weekend.

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