Thursday, February 23, 2017

My almost death and the rooster that almost was, but still is, but we'll see in the coming days.

The Rooster.

I've always had a soft spot for our rooster...
He's nice looking, I like hearing him crow early in the morning...and he's {mostly} calm..
...for a rooster.

As of today that soft spot has become as hard as a rock!

This morning the girls went out to feed the chickens and collect eggs.
The rooster {who holds the name Pecker...ummm...the girls named him last summer...
"because he pecks!"} was being kind of naughty.
He was a little aggressive towards them and then he escaped out of the coop...
....which then led to more chickens escaping into the yard.

No biggie...we let them free range for a while.

Right before lunch the girls, Frankie and I went outside to gather the birds and put
them all back into their coop.

The girls were a little nervous because of his morning attitude...I said I would get them back in.

Soooo....I am standing by the chicken coop, checking on the one bird that is still in there....
....when all of a sudden the rooster started to attack! ME!!!

Feathers all fluffed around his neck, the arrogant bird comes at me pecking my legs...
he runs around me and twists my legs!

He trips me and I go flying through the air and land on the ground.

As I'm getting up, Mr. Rooster is still attacking me!
I stand and for the first time in my life kick the rooster!!!
He flipped over in the air cawing and came right back at me!

As I am kicking him away...he is still coming at me.

My girls started yelling....
"MOM! Are you okay?"

Then I hear through heavy giggling before I am even able to answer that I am indeed alive.....
"HURRY! Run in the house and get her phone so we can take a video!"

They are rolling on the back porch laughing their heads off!

Here I am, in the process of getting my head pecked off  by a rooster
and my daughters are cracking up and TAKING MOVIES OF ME!!!

{NO! I will not be posting, don't even ask! ;) }
This is the most you will see....

I grabbed a broom...
I guided the rooster along...and pushed him away when he started to turn toward me.

What I really wanted to do was swing the broom harder than a golf club in a sand trap...but I didn't.
I thought about it though....visions of the rooster being launched into the air made me happy.
I also had visions of him surrounded by potatoes and carrots in my Dutch Oven.

After many, many tries I could not get the chickens or rooster back into the coop.

Thankfully the boys next door came over and duh!...lured them into the coop with oats.
Hmmm....forgot about that one.

Tonight the rooster sleeps peacefully...but I've got my eye on him.
He better be careful...very, very careful. Or my Dutch Oven vision will come to fruition.

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