Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The last minute decision that turned snowy and perfect and I still have no idea what possessed me to grab my boots.

Saturday morning we were heading south to drop Alex off for a basketball conference this week.
Instead of staying at our hotel, we made a last minute decision to cancel the room and
drive an extra hour and a half to Jeff's aunt and uncle's cabin in the Ozark Mountains.

Best last minute decision we could have made!
The snow was so pretty.

We woke up at sunrise, threw our coats on and ran out into the snow before it melted.
It was mostly gone by the time we left later that afternoon.

Funny side note*...I still have no idea why I packed my snow boots!
I stuck them into my suitcase right before we left....glad I did.


.....not everyone packed boots....you do what you have to do to keep those shoes dry, right.

Meanwhile inside Daksha's amazing kitchen.....

...blueberry scones, biscuits and gravy, homemade English muffins and
coffee from her nespresso machine. {which I think I will be investing in soon!} 

What a beautiful and wonderful world God gave us to enjoy.
I love how He created each and every season with it's own uniqueness.

Thank you Ron and Daksha for having us!
Thank you Mom for watching those we left behind for a couple of days.


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