Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We started this new tradition and broke it on the very first try...because she wanted us to.

It's her 11th birthday today. How is our youngest girl 11?
I love and hate it.

She eats, sleeps and breathes gymnastics.
She is sweet and diligent and I never {hardly ever} have to remind her to
make her bed or sweep the school room.
She always has an extra pony holder on her wrist if you should need one.
She loves God. Loves her brothers and sister.Loves the movie Meet Me in St. Louis.
.....and can sing like an opera star. {but not in front of people...we're working on that}

I wanted to take a picture of Sophia on her birthday...then this ham got involved.

Sisters, sisters...so glad they have each other.

We decided this year on each child's birthday, we are going to take them to dinner alone.
Restaurant of their choice. One on one time with each of our kids.
Then home for cake and presents and the singing of Happy Birthday.

Sophia has been asking for crab legs....so we planned to take her out for sea food.
We were ready to leave when she asked...
"Can we actually just stay home? and Dad?...can you make us crepes?"

So, the very first birthday of the year and our new tradition has already been broken.
Oh well...it's her birthday. and our dining room table is much cheaper than crab legs. Ha!

Happy Birthday to Sophia.

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