Thursday, March 23, 2017

It was harder on me than them but he got a cake pop out of the deal and all was well in the end.

Plans were forced to change because of two girls in pajamas who still had morning eyes
an hour after their dear mother gently woke them up and told them to get ready.

I wanted so badly to take them along. I really did. I had a lovely day planned for us.
But I had to be consistent.

I'm working on NOT being  all talk and no action?
It's hard.

It's hard to be stern when I want to be soft.
It's hard to leave them home when I want to take them along with me.

It was harder on me than it was on them.
It was hard for me to see them looking sad when I left the house with only Frankie.
It was hard for me to watch them watch everyone else out the window this afternoon.
....but I was proud of myself for sticking to my word.

It's not an easy thing for follow through with a harsh{ish} punishment.
Is it easy for any parent? I don't think so.

In the long run though, it was for the better.
Lessons were learned today and character qualities were hopefully instilled.

Aaaaaand....Frankie and I had a great day together.
He ate his first ever cake pop and I bought him his very own little tin of green tea mints
from Trader Joe's because he asked for them so sweetly.

I also found cute Lucky boots on super ultra clearance
because I had lots and lots of time to browse. ;)

If you're feeling frustrated, if you feel like your household is out of control and
you are the only one dealing with stress...know you are not alone!
None of us have it all together.

Sit. Pray. Think. Organize. Plan. Come up with creative ways to discipline and teach.
Hey...Leave without the kids!
....this of course being a perk of having older children to leave them with.

You may become tired while trying. you may become exhausted,
but it will be worth it at the end of the day! I promise.


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