Friday, March 24, 2017

Wrapping up the week....a song. SavinosBrickOven. Stemma. and Thank You for the earrings mystery person! How did you know?'s Friday.
There is a 90% chance of rain all weekend.
Looks like the office will finally be cleaned out.

Some of the cousins meeting us at the movie theatre for Sophia's birthday.

Baking sour dough.
I've been getting more involved this past year.
{Sour Dough post coming soon....}

Night time/full moon/snow shot on the iphone.

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This was our antipasto table from a wedding we catered last weekend.

Dear Mystery person who sent earrings to me in the mail...
...Funny story...I pulled my hair up into a headband.
I said.."I really should wear hoop earrings with this but I can't find mine"
...they have been missing for a while. I took the headband off.
Fast forward 3 hours when the mail arrived...Hoop Earrings...with a sweetly written card from???
I love hoops. I always have. So Thank You...whoever you are.

I can't stop listening to THIS SONG!
We have always been big Joshua Radin fans.
His music has always been consistent and his new album is pretty much perfect.

Our friends have this great site involving artists and food.
Seriously, could there a better combo? I don't think so.

One more thing... Drew Holcomb's new album is out!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.XxOo

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  1. Your way of expressing scenarios and surrounding is just amazing and I have become huge fan of you now. Don’t want to miss any post of you.