Thursday, March 30, 2017


...our windows are covered in raindrops.

......the wind sounds like it will blow our house down.

...the girls are at my mom and sister's houses.
{...they live next door to each other.
a plus when you're a kid..bouncing between Nana AND a fun Auntie!}

....I have four boys home with me...well, three. One just left for work.

..Frankie asked if he could keep his pajama bottoms on today....sure, why not?

 ...I really, reeeeeaaaaallly want to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
But! I gave up sugar for Lent..and what fun would it be to bake cookies if I can't eat them?

....has been four weeks and one day since I've eaten sugar.
I am happy to report I feel no different! That means sugar is not bad for my body. {Ha!}
I will also add that me not eating sugar is pretty much a miracle in itself.

......I called a day off so we could all sit and watch a movie together on this dreary day,
but my boring boys wanted to finish up their schoolwork.
They definitely get that diligence from their father.

...I watched a super, corny puppy movie with Frankie.  He loved it.

{See...pajama bottoms with a sweater?}

I am now going to have a cup of sugar-less coffee.
Happy afternoon to you.


  1. Such amazing photos. Are you a professional photographer? Everyphoto has a story to it. Amazing clicks !

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  3. Enjoy your suger less coffee dear. You have a beautiful family. Kids are cute and you are a good phtographer. I loved this last picture. Its adorable.